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Olá! We are Pedro & Angelina,
the Flores.

We are the couple of travelers behind Flores Around the World travel blog, and we have a very international story. Pedro was born and raised in the north of Portugal and has already lived in 3 different countries. Angelina has Russian and Polish roots but calls the city of Porto her home for almost 9 years.

Our paths crossed by accident, but when we bumped into each other, we actually realized how much we have in common! One of those things is the passion for traveling. Since very young age, both of us always tried to save every cent to travel the world and discover new places, and until today this didn’t change.

Pedro Flores, author of Flores Around the World travel blog

Pedro Flores

Totally convinced that traveling is not about the places we visit, it’s about the friends we make.

Master of improvisation.

Creative ideas generator, always seeking inspiration.

Mountains lover.

The extravert in this relationship.

Sunsets chaser.


Angelina Borowska Flores

Truly believes that nothing is impossible, but you have to fight for it.

Passionate about photography, always with a camera in her hand.

Trip planning expert and organization guru.

The introvert in this relationship.

Goes the extra mile to find that hidden beach.

Even bigger foodie.

Angelina Flores, author of Flores Around the World travel blog

Since we met, we have already traveled through most part of Europe, several countries in the Americas, and we did our first trip to Asia.  In 2020 we applied for a sabbatical year leaving our corporate jobs, and we were planning to go on a Round the World Trip backpacking… Then the pandemic laughed in our face and we had to change our plans. 

That’s how we became the proud owners of Benny 🚐, the best car in the world, and embraced a new adventure – #vanlife. Despite the circumstances, we spent 4 months on a road trip through Europe and made memories for all our life! And we are more than excited to share this epic experience with you.

Many people admire how we manage it… Well, we don’t have a wealthy background, so for us it’s all a matter of priorities and good planning! That’s why we decided to start this travel blog – we want to share our experience of traveling as a couple and to help other people to travel more. On this page, you will find a ton of helpful information about the destinations we visited, budget vacation ideas, van life inspiration and our very best travel tips that will be useful for your future travels!

Remember, if we can do it, you can too!

Our biggest dream is still to go on a Round the World Trip, and we both share the same opinion – we have to fight for our dreams. With hard work and good preparation everything is possible!

Don’t call it a dream. Call it a plan.

We also write about our adventures on Instagram and Facebook. We love to show the “side B” of our trips – the good and the bad surprises that we find on the way. Follow us not to miss it!

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