12 Things to Have in Mind before Buying a Campervan

Benny - our camper van

“Have you ever thought about buying a campervan?” If 3 months ago you would have asked us this question, our answer would most certainly be: “YES!” We experimented with van life before and we loved it. However, if you would have asked: “When are you going to buy your campervan?”, I believe the answer would be quite vague. Certainly, we wanted to have it one day, but for sure after our around the world trip planned for this year.

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5 Cheap countries in Europe for different travel styles + BONUS

Budget travel in Europe: Slovenia

To help you with planning your next vacations in Europe, we chose 5 cheap European countries that will not disappoint either you, or your pocket. To keep your options wide, we selected affordable destinations dedicated to 5 different travel styles. In this article, you will find budget ideas for your next beach holidays, road trip adventure, city break, van experience, or gastronomy tour. And in the end, we also included one more amazing BONUS idea!

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